“Companies that think they haven’t been attacked yet: They’re not looking hard enough”.
– James Snook

The effects of a data breach can be devastating, especially when customers start taking their money elsewhere. Armed with knowledge and experience to combat advanced cyber threats, let me be your Trusted Partner so you can focus on driving your business.



An IT Security vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying vulnerabilities/threats to your IT environment and the risk they pose if exploited. This process offers an organization a better understanding of its assets, security flaws and overall risk, reducing the likelihood that a cyber-criminal will breach its systems and catch the business off guard.


A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is an authorized simulated cyber attack against your IT Infrastructure. The purpose of this simulated attack is to identify any weak spots in your defenses which attackers could take advantage of. This information can then be used to implement security upgrades to plug up any vulnerabilities discovered during the test.


Many of us are dependent on computers and smart devices to complete our duties. The benefits are numerous but the threats posed by online fraudsters make it a scary place to venture without proper knowledge and protection. Malware analysis is the study or process of determining the purpose and functionality of a given malware used by these fraudsters.


The proportion of mobile devices providing open platform functionality is expected to continue to increase in future making your staff functional from anywhere in the world. Checking for security flaws in your applications becomes an essential continnuous exercise as threats become more potent and prevalent.